1. Makr Vertical Wallet

    This ox blood leather vertical pocket wallet is produced in Florida by the folks at the workshop of Makr. Its perfectly designed to carry the essentials - cash and few cards.

    26 February 2012
  2. LAYERxlayer Wayfarer Pack

    LAYERxlayer bags are designed and crafted in NYC and New England by Patrick & Leah. The details are exquisite. Each bag is made to order.

    22 January 2012
  3. Kami Wood Mug

    Drinking coffee out of this cup every day would be a real pleasure. The Kami Wood Mug designed by Oji Masanori is crafted at the Takahashi Kougei wood working shop in Hokkaido, Japan.

    22 January 2012
  4. Michael James Milton Pocket Square

    Michael James Milton pocket squares are made in limited edition short run batches in San Francisco by a couple - Jen & Naz. The squares range in price from $10 - $50. We’re loving this mid-century modern inspired design called Blue Trees. Only 8 still remain.

    22 January 2012
  5. FEIT Hand Sewn High Naturale

    FEIT shoes are all handmade by a small group of craftspeople working to sustain the traditional art form of shoe making. Their beautiful work speaks for itself. Learn more about the unique way that they bring their shoes to market.

    22 January 2012
  6. P3 Squardhead Guitar Amp

    P3 point to point hand wired tube guitar amplifiers are custom made to order in Nashville, Tennessee. The low wattage Squarehead design is perfect for recording with or for playing in your apartment without upsetting the neighbors too much. This model comes in a selection of colors. Good luck finding another boutique amp of this quality at such an affordable price.

    08 January 2012
  7. Ugmonk Wrap-Around Leather Journal

    This handmade brown leather journal from Ugmonk features some fine details including an embossed ampersand, a wrap-around strap design, and an attractive stitched binding.

    08 January 2012
  8. Tanner Coin Pouch

    Tanner Good’s handy, leather coin pouch would make for a real nice holiday gift. Have a look inside their leather workshop.

    08 December 2011
  9. Imogene + Willie William Wool Vest

    Handmade in the USA, Imogen + Willie’s charcoal wool pocketed William Vest is designed with a character that feels perfect for an outdoor sportsman while at the same time can be worn in a dressier fashion.

    08 December 2011
  10. TurningPro Boxelder Burl Pen

    Here’s a great gift item. This natural grain pattern pen is made in Fargo, North Dakota from spun maple wood. See how TurningPro craft their products.

    08 December 2011
  11. Danner Mountain Light Lownsdale Boot

    This boot marks the first collaboration between Danner and Tanner Goods, two Portland based companies working to make exceptional quality leather products. If taken care of, these boots will last a lifetime.

    08 December 2011
  12. Tellason Denim Topper Shirt

    The Topper button down shirt from Tellason is made using Cone Mills White Oak raw denim from North Carolina. The fabric is cut and sewn in San Francisco. Like all of their garments, the shirt is not only built to last but will develop more character with age.

    08 December 2011
  13. Lemon Peel Baseball

    This handcrafted lemon peel vintage style baseball is durable enough to play with, while handsome enough to dress up a shelve or desk. Each ball is handmade in New Jersey by Paul Cunningham who once held the post of photo editor for MLB. We recently had the pleasure of meeting him at Pop Up Flea - he’s a fine fellow indeed.

    06 December 2011
  14. Best Made Horn Tumbler Set

    This set of two gorgeous whiskey tumblers is hand-crafted in Lancashire, UK from Ankole cattle by a 170 year-old horn works company. Produced uniquely for Best Made Company, each is engraved with the motto, “Stay Sharp.”

    06 December 2011
  15. Ollie Salumeria Sampler

    Ollie Salumeria was born out of a family tradition that traces back several generations making exquisite quality salumi. This is a sampler of five of their offerings; all are made in Virginia and sourced using pasture-raised animals from sustainable farms.

    06 December 2011
  16. Antler & Co. Small

    These deer antlers are collected from the animal’s annual shedding. Antler & Co. of Portland have added a few touches to nature’s own design for easy wall mounting. Available through Free / Man.

    15 November 2011
  17. Capital Wood Sunglasses

    These two-toned Bonnie / Clyde sunglasses made by Capital are handcrafted in the USA from domestically sourced woods. See how they are made.

    15 November 2011
  18. Tattly + Field Notes Hustle Pack

    This pairing of 3 “Hustle” Field Notes books with 3 temporary tattoos from our friends at Tattly should definitely inspire you to get stuff done.

    15 November 2011
  19. TInkering Monkey Coat Rack

    The Honest Abe coat rack is another useful design from the fine folk of SF Bay Area’s Tinkering Monkey. See how its made.

    31 October 2011
  20. Brooklyn Slate Co Cheese Board

    This special edition cheese board from Brooklyn Slate Co. is made of slate sourced from a family owned rock quarry in upstate New York.

    31 October 2011
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