1. DODOcase Durables iPhone Wallet

    DODOcase of San Francisco are manufacturing some of the most attractive and well-made electronic cases out there. We’re loving the details of their iPhone wallet: orange-poppy linen interior, sage waxed duck canvas exterior, mahogany leather card and cash pockets.

    28 October 2012
  2. Digby & Iona Ring

    This handcrafted sterling silver ring from the Brooklyn based studio of Digby & Iona, pays homage to the inscription on the ship of a sea captain from two-hundred years ago - Don’t Give Up The Ship.

    28 October 2012
  3. Treadsmith Board Co. The Woodsmith Snowwboard

    Treadsmith Board Co. snowboards are designed and hand-tooled with a concern for sustainability and the environment in mind. They also happen to be gorgeous; take for example The Woodside model with it’s combination of wood veneer and hand-painted nose.

    17 September 2012
  4. Prospector Co. Tester Vial Kit

    Prospector Co. of Georgia have put together this clever little tester vial kit to sample a number of their products including: two kinds of aftershave, beard oil and shaving oil.

    17 September 2012
  5. Peary & Henson Aftershave

    Skin products from Savannah, Georgia based Prospector Co. are handmade in small batches with all natural quality ingredients and come in old-fashion apothecary style packaging. This is their Peary & Henson Aftershave.

    17 September 2012
  6. Loyal Dean Longboards

    Handmade in the US, Loyal Dean longboards are exquisitely designed using a range of different available woods that have been reclaimed or recycled. Prices vary with model. Pictured is The Bomber.

    31 August 2012
  7. Killspencer iPhone Veil

    Give your iPhone a protective, classy upgrade with Killspencer’s wood veil made in LA. Prices vary with wood type.

    31 August 2012
  8. Malwitz Wood Surfwood

    Malwitz Surfboards are definitely the most beautiful looking boards we’ve ever seen. The hollow wood models are particularly attractive. (Price reflects base cost)

    31 August 2012
  9. Design Is A Job

    Watch Mule Design co-founder Mike Monteiro’s SF Creative Mornings talk entitled F*ck you. Pay me. Then, you’ll most certainly want to keep a copy of this companion book in your top desk drawer if you are working as a creative professional.

    17 June 2012
  10. The Shape of Design

    Frank Chimero‘s The Shape of Design is a wonderful addition to the library of any maker. The book is a simple and friendly reminder of why we create and a guide for how to do it well. This is one of our favorite recent short reads. It’s worth the purchase for the illustrations alone. (Digital e-Books available for $9.99).

    16 June 2012
  11. Wondermade Marshmallows

    Wondermade Marshmallows is a new upstart from the Orlando, Florida based wife/husband team of Jenn and Nathan Clarke. Only one way to know what a marshmallow flavored with Guinness and rolled in crushed pretzels tastes like.

    11 June 2012
  12. Tinkering Monkey Headphone Hook

    Here’s another awesome new item from Tinkering Monkey, a handy headphone hook.

    10 June 2012
  13. Carolina Shuckers MotherShucker Knife

    Carolina Shuckers’ MotherShucker oyster knife made from salvaged railroad spikes is one of our favorite finds in some time.

    10 June 2012
  14. Fleet Co Flask

    Fleet Co of Asheville, North Carolina craft some gorgeous leather goods. We are particularly fond of their drinking flasks that are refinished with a classy leather casing.

    10 June 2012
  15. Tinkering Monkey Beefy Hook

    This new offering from Tinkering Monkey is a real attractive piece of design that would definitely come in handy for one of those short on space apartments.

    10 June 2012
  16. Taylor Stitch Gingham

    A friend recently turned us onto Taylor Stitch, a small SF based men’s clothier. Here is their take on the always fashionable English Gingham print in black. Custom shirt orders are also available.

    10 June 2012
  17. Parachute The Maker T Shirt

    We’re loving this T-shirt design, The Maker from Parachute is screen printed in Greenville, SC.

    21 March 2012
  18. Wood & Faulk Key Carry

    Wood & Faulk‘s riveted key carry is a nice way to make sure that you don’t misplace your keys.

    26 February 2012
  19. Wood & Faulk Northwesterner Bag

    This is a great multi-purpose waxed canvas bag with a ton of character made by Portland’s Wood & Faulk. It can be strapped over the shoulder or carried by its leather saddle handles.

    26 February 2012
  20. Makr iPhone Sleeve

    Like most Makr products, this khaki leather iPhone sleeve is designed to simply be useful and attractive. Learn more about the companies history and philosophy from its founder, Jason Gregory in this interview with Grain & Gram.

    26 February 2012
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